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Novmeber 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सन्तप्‍ताऽयसि संस्तितस्य पयसो नामापि न श्रूयते
मुक्ताकारतया तदेव नलिनीपत्रस्थितं दृष्यते
स्वात्यां सागरशुक्तिमध्यपतितं सन्मौक्तिकं जायते
प्रायेणाधममध्यमोत्तमगुणाः संसर्गतो जायते

- नीतिशतक

santaptaayasi saMstitasya payaso naamaapi na shrUyate
muktaakaaratayaa tadeva nalinIpatrasthitaM dRuShyate
swaatyaaM saagarashuktimadhyapatitaM sanmouktikaM jaayate
praayeNaadhamamadhyamottamaguNaaH saMsargato jaayate
- neetishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The water placed on a hot iron disappears without a sign. The same water droplet, placed on the leaf of a lotus, shines as if it were a pearl. Whereas, if the same water falls into a pearl shell during the swaati rains, it will turn into a good pearl! Probably, the inferior, mediocre and noble qualities arise from the company kept.

The same droplet of water attains different states, depending on the place it falls.

The droplet on a hot iron fizzes out in an instant, without even a trace. Such would be the fate of keeping the company of the inferior.

The same droplet, placed on a lotus leaf, glistens as if it were a real pearl. Although the water only 'seems' like a pearl, it at least doesn't get completely destroyed like the one on the hot iron. This is similar to keeping the company of the mediocre.

But then, the same exact droplet when put into a pearl shell, at the right time (rain during the swaati season), converts into a real, quality, pearl! Such is the company of the noble. Although it was a drop of plain water, it attained the honor of becoming a pearl.

Different surroundings give different end results. So does the company we keep. To grow as noble and virtuous people, we need to keep the company of such people.

pada vigrahaH:
सन्तप्‍त आयसि संस्तितस्य पयसः नाम अपि न श्रूयते
santapta aayasi saMstitasya payasaH naama api na shrUyate

मुक्त आकारतया तत् एव नलिनी पत्र स्थितं दृष्यते
mukta aakaaratayaa tat eva nalinI patra sthitaM dRuShyate

स्वात्यां सागर शुक्ति मध्य पतितं सत् मौक्तिकं जायते
swaatyaaM saagara shukti madhya patitaM sat mouktikaM jaayate

प्रायेण अधम मध्यम उत्तम गुणाः संसर्गतो जायते
praayeNa adhama madhyama uttama guNaaH saMsargato jaayate


  1. had learnt of the same moral from various poems and verses in multiple languages..but enjoyed reading it in Sanskrit :-)

    somehow i was reminded of the verse about the position attained by the giver and the collector.and wanted to post here by searching.. and Lo i found it in your own blog.. hats off..

  2. Thank you for your kind words Ankita and Vivek. Vivek, nice to know you found what you were looking for on the blog :).

  3. I am very happy I chanced upon this blog- Lot of opportunity for learning.Warm Regards

  4. Thank you Rajeev for your kind words. Glad you are finding it interesting.