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November 3rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अफलानि दुरन्तानि समव्ययफलानि च
अश्क्यानि च कार्याणि नारभेत विचक्षणः

- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

aphalaani durantaani samavyayaphalaani cha
ashkyaani cha kaaryaaNi naarabheta vichakShaNaH
- subhaaShitaratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Tasks that are - fruitless; end miserably; expend the same amount as the result; or impossible - skilful people do not start.

Planning, planning, planning!

It is not smart to invest time, effort and energy in a task that is futile. All the toil would go waste if the end result was not proportionally rewarding as the effort. Prudent people think ahead of the tasks whether it is worth investing their effort. The task should also be more rewarding than the toil itself. Otherwise, what is the use of all the hard work?

A little extra time spent in thinking, in the beginning, regarding the feasibility of the task, is certainly, time well spent.

pada vigrahaH:
अफलानि दुरन्तानि सम व्यय फलानि च
aphalaani durantaani sama vyaya phalaani cha

अश्क्यानि च कार्याणि नारभेत विचक्षणः
ashkyaani cha kaaryaaNi naarabheta vichakShaNaH

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