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November 25th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
पुस्तकस्था तु या विद्या परहस्तगतं धनम्
कार्यकाले समुत्पन्ने न सा विद्या न तद्धनम्

pustakasthaa tu yaa vidyaa parahastagataM dhanam
kaaryakaale samutpanne na saa vidyaa na taddhanam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Knowledge which is in the book, money which has passed on to another hand - in times of need, it is neither (your) knowledge nor money.

Book knowledge is no knowledge. One can't claim the knowledge, that is in his book, as his own! In a time-critical situation, one can't refer to his book before acting. One's intellect should be the storehouse for his knowledge. Only then can he proclaim mastery over that vidyaa.

Similarly, one may be wealthy to the brim. But if he has given away the possession, he can't claim it back because he needs it again.

Store thy assets where they belong.  Or, they may not be thine in times of need!

pada vigrahaH:
पुस्तकस्था तु या विद्या पर हस्त गतं धनम्
pustakasthaa tu yaa vidyaa para hasta gataM dhanam

कार्यकाले समुत्पन्ने न सा विद्या न तत् धनम्
kaaryakaale samutpanne na saa vidyaa na tat dhanam

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