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October 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
रे रे चातक! सावधानमनसा मित्र क्षणं श्रूयताम्
बहवो वसन्ति गगने सर्वेऽपि नैकादृशा
केचित् वृष्टिभिराद्रयन्ति धरणिं गर्जन्ति केचिद्वृथा
यं यं पश्यसि तस्य तस्य पुरतो मा ब्रूहि दीनं वचः

- नीतिशतक

re re chaataka! saavadhaanamanasaa mitra kShaNaM shrUyataam
ambodhaa bahavo vasanti gagane sarve.pi naikaadRushaa
kechit vRuShTibhiraadrayanti dharaNiM garjanti kechidvRuthaa
yaM yaM pashyasi tasya tasya purato maa brUhi dInaM vachaH
- neetishataka

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Hey Chaataka! My friend, listen mindfully for a minute. There are many clouds residing in the skies but not all are same. Some will dampen the earth with their waters, some wastefully roar. So, don't implore to every (cloud) you see (in the sky).

Allegory says that 'chaataka' is bird who drinks water only from the rains. It doesn't drink the water that has already hit the ground. So, it stands with his open beak looking at the skies. This is an advice to one such thirsty bird, crying for water. He begs every passing cloud to please show mercy on him and shower some rain. The poet is advising the bird to be a composed. There is no use pleading every cloud as all of them don't carry rain. Some simply roar and only some quench the thirst of the earth with their cool waters.

Here the chaataka bird is a metaphor given to people. We should be aware of who we ask for help and who we don't. It is pointless to implore and plead a person who is not willing to be helpful. It only brings down the self-respect of the person asking.

pada vigrahaH:
रे रे चातक! सावधान मनसा मित्र क्षणं श्रूयताम्
re re chaataka! saavadhaana manasaa mitra kShaNaM shrUyataam

अम्बोधा बहवो वसन्ति गगने सर्वे अपि न एकादृशा
ambodhaa bahavo vasanti gagane sarve api na ekaadRushaa

केचित् वृष्टिभिः आद्रयन्ति धरणिं गर्जन्ति केचित् वृथा
kechit vRuShTibhiH aadrayanti dharaNiM garjanti kechit vRuthaa

यं यं पश्यसि तस्य तस्य पुरतो मा ब्रूहि दीनं वचः
yaM yaM pashyasi tasya tasya purato maa brUhi dInaM vachaH


  1. Nice one.... could you please mention the common name for Chatak Bird...