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October 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
गीती शीघ्री शिरः कम्पी यथालिखितपाठकः
अनर्थज्ञोऽल्पकण्ठश्च षडेते पाठकाधमाः

- पाणिनीयशिक्षा

gItI shIghrI shiraH kampI yathaalikhitapaaThakaH
anarthajno.lpakaNThashcha ShaDete paaThakaadhamaaH
- paaNineeyashikShaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
(Reading) like a song, in a hurry, shaking the head, just as is written, without knowing the meaning, in a low tone - these are the six qualities of a bad reader.

1. Reading with a tune, as if it were a song
2. Reading in a hurry and swallowing up the syllables
3. Nodding the head or moving some part of the body while reading
4. Reading just as is written, even if there were errors
5. Reading without understanding the meaning of the text
6. Reading with a tone so low that even the person sitting in front has to perk up his ears

The above 6 qualities DO NOT give one the title of a 'Good Reader'. Obviously, if one wants to be a good reader, he should do the exact opposite of the above.

A good reader should - Read with a good intonation, a pace at which others can understand his reading, with an alert and upright posture, correcting the errors if any, with a good grasp of the subject and a clear, crisp tone of voice with precise pronunciations.

Even as one is reading, the rest should understand the meaning and purpose of the material right away. The reader should pay attention to the words and read them like he means them. Such should be the intonation and command of a reader.

pada vigrahaH:
गीती शीघ्री शिरः कम्पी यथा लिखित पाठकः
gItI shIghrI shiraH kampI yathaa likhita paaThakaH

अनर्थज्ञः अल्प कण्ठः च षट् एते पाठक अधमाः
anarthaj~naH alpa kaNThaH cha ShaT ete paaThaka adhamaaH

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