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October 8th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
एकमेवाक्षरं यस्तु गुरुः शिष्यं प्रबोधयेत् |
पृथिव्यां नास्ति तद्द्रव्यं यद्दत्वा चानृणीभवेत् ||

- अत्रिसम्हिता

ekamevaakSharaM yastu guruH shiShyaM prabodhayet |
pRuthivyaaM naasti taddravyaM yaddatvaa chaanRuNIbhavet ||
- atrisamhitaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Even if the teacher has given the student, insight into one syllable, then there isn't such wealth on this earth, by giving which, (one can) become free of that debt.

A 'teacher' is not just the person who is officially anointed as a teacher. Any person from whom we learn would be considered as a teacher. It does not have to be a huge amount of learning. The poet says, even in an instance where one has learnt only one syllable (alphabet) from a teacher, there isn't any wealth on this earth, giving which one can free himself from that 'RuNa' (debt)!

Then, one can only imagine how immensely indebted we are, to our true gurus and aachaaryas!  They enlighten us and lead us on the right path.  They take us from darkness towards light.  There is no way we can pay off that debt and claim ourselves debt free!  The only way to repay is paying it forward - by learning their teachings, applying it in our lives and passing on the teachings as well.

Pay it forward!

pada vigrahaH:
एकम् एव अक्षरं यः तु गुरुः शिष्यं प्रबोधयेत् |
ekam eva akSharaM yaH tu guruH shiShyaM prabodhayet |

पृथिव्यां न अस्ति तत् द्रव्यं यत् दत्वा च अनृणी भवेत् ||
pRuthivyaaM naasti tat dravyaM yat datvaa cha anRuNI bhavet ||

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