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October 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:

तैलाद्रक्ष जलाद्रक्ष रक्ष मां श्लथबन्धनात्
आखुभ्यः परहस्तेभ्यः एवं वदति पुस्तकम्

tailaadrakSha jalaadrakSha rakSha maaM shlathabandhanaat
aakhubhyaH parahastebhyaH evaM vadati pustakam

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Protect from oil, protect from water, protect me from loose binding, from mice and from stranger's hands - so says the book.

Books should always be handled gently and carefully. They are the source of 'vidyaa' (knowledge) and should be protected and preserved always. The book here is imploring to its owner to protect it from getting dirty from oil or water. Also books should be bound well and not ripped off their bindings. The pages should be handled gently and not roughly. Leaving behind books is not a great idea either. Mice might get them or they may get stolen (taken by strangers). The owner should be responsible and take good care of his books. Only then can the vidyaa in the books be accesible.

pada vigrahaH:
तैलात् रक्ष जलात् रक्ष रक्ष मां श्लथ बन्धनात्
tailaat rakSha jalaat rakSha rakSha maaM shlatha bandhanaat

आखुभ्यः पर हस्तेभ्यः एवं वदति पुस्तकम्
aakhubhyaH para hastebhyaH evaM vadati pustakam

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