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October 19th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
नाभिषेको न संस्कारः सिंहस्य क्रियते वने
विक्रमार्जितसत्वस्य स्वयमेव मृगेन्द्रता

- हितोपदेश, सुह्रुद्भेद

naabhiSheko na saMskaaraH siMhasya kriyate vane
vikramaarjitasatvasya svayameva mRugendrataa
- hitopadesha, suhrudbheda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
No coronation is done nor a ritual in the forest. His prowess naturally makes the lion - King of the jungle.

Actions speak louder than words!

A lion majestically roaming in the jungle, did not have a crowning ceremony nor were any rituals performed. Yet, he doesn't have to be declared as the king of the jungle. All the other animals know by his power, courage, valor and fearlessness - that he is the rightful king. Such should be the deeds.

Whatever be the quality - bravery, piousness, giving, nobility, education - the assets should be expressed through their respective deeds than just speech. Let the actions speak for themselves!

pada vigrahaH:
न अभिषेकः न संस्कारः सिंहस्य क्रियते वने
na abhiShekaH na saMskaaraH siMhasya kriyate vane

विक्रम अर्जित सत्वस्य स्वयम् एव मृग-इन्द्रता

vikrama arjita satvasya svayam eva mRuga-indrataa

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