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October 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
ईक्षणं द्विगुणं प्रोक्तं भाषणस्येति वेधसा
अक्षि द्वे मनुष्याणां जिह्वात्वैकेव निर्मिता

eekShaNaM dviguNaM proktaM bhaaShaNasyeti vedhasaa
akShi dve manuShyaaNaaM jihvaatvaikeva nirmitaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
It is told by the learned that - seeing should be double the amount of speaking. (After all) humans were made with two eyes but only one tongue.

'Seeing', here is observing. He made humans with two eyes and one tongue, for a good reason. The hidden message behind that was - one should observe much more than one talks. Well, talking should be cut to half of the seeing. Mathematically speaking, we have only one tongue and two eyes after all. The message is hence justified!

Being a 'muuka prekshaka' or 'saakShI' (silent observer) and not reacting to the happenings instantaneously takes a lot of willpower.

pada vigrahaH:
ईक्षणं द्विगुणं प्रोक्तं भाषणस्य इति वेधसा
eekShaNaM dviguNaM proktaM bhaaShaNasya iti vedhasaa

अक्षि द्वे मनुष्याणां जिह्वा तु एक एव निर्मिता
akShi dve manuShyaaNaaM jihvaa tu eka eva nirmitaa

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