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October 27th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
ऋणश्शेषोऽग्निशेषश्च शतृशेषस्तथैव च
पुनः पुनः प्रवर्धन्ते तस्मात् शेषं न रक्षयेत्

RuNashsheShao.gnisheShashcha shatRusheShastathaiva cha
punaH punaH pravardhante tasmaat sheShaM na rakShayet

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Balance of debt, remainder of fire, residue of enemies too - keep magnifying again and again; hence do not protect these leftovers.

1. When a debt is not repaid, it just keeps growing. The interest on it turns out to be more than the principle itself! The debt here is not necessarily the monetary debt. A debt of any kind, not repaid, will carry on to another life as well.

2. If the last sparks of fire are ignored, they can, in an instant blaze into a whole new raging flame and cause havoc.

3. Enemies left untreated, bring in misery as well.

The advise here is - to not leave the remnants of any of the above. Question is - how?

A debt of any kind, needs to be repaid in its appropriate manner. Put off the flames to their entirety. But how about enemies? Does it mean destroy them? Not necessarily. It means that the 'enmity' should be uprooted from its roots. Once the feeling of enmity is thrown out, the person can't even be called an enemy! So, it certainly is not a call for the destruction of the person who is an enemy, but more so of the destruction of the cause for the enmity - completely.

pada vigrahaH:
ऋणः शेषः अग्नि शेषः च शतृ शेषः तथ एव च
RuNaH sheShaH agni sheShaH cha shatRu sheShaH tatha eva cha

पुनः पुनः प्रवर्धन्ते तस्मात् शेषं न रक्षयेत्
punaH punaH pravardhante tasmaat sheShaM na rakShayet

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