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October 1st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
जिह्वे प्रमाणं जानीहि भाषणे भोजनेऽपि च |
अत्युक्तिरतिभुक्तिश्च सत्यं प्राणापहारिणी ||

jihve pramaaNaM jaanIhi bhaaShaNe bhojane.pi cha |
atyuktiratibhuktishcha satyaM praaNaapahaariNI ||

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Hey tongue, know thy authority - in speech as well as in food (taste). For, over eating or over talking, could both kill.

This shloka is telling the tongue to know it's limitations. Like they say, it is one organ which doesn't have a bone, but, it should be very aware of its bounds. Over indulgence in conversations or in satiating the taste buds (hunger), could both prove disastrous.
Speech - because thoughtless words can bring down nations. Like they say - Spoken words and sped arrows can not be taken back.
Hunger - because, one should consume food to sustain, not sustain for consuming food. Going overboard brings a hoard of health issues to the point of death.

Tongue, Beware! Beware!!

pada vigrahaH:
जिह्वे प्रमाणं जानीहि भाषणे भोजने अपि च |
jihve pramaaNaM jaanIhi bhaaShaNe bhojane api cha |

अति उक्तिः अति भुक्तिः च सत्यं प्राण अपहारिणी ||

ati uktiH ati bhuktiH cha satyaM praaNa apahaariNI ||

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