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October 15th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:

निर्गुणेष्वपि सत्त्वेषु दयां कुर्वन्ति साधवः
नहि संहरते ज्योत्स्नां चन्द्रश्चाण्डालवेश्मनः

nirguNeShvapi sattveShu dayaaM kurvanti saadhavaH
nahi saMharate jyotsnaaM chandrashchaaNDaalaveshmanaH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Noble (people) are kind to even the less worthy beings. Moon does not withhold his moonlight from the house of an out-caste.

Nobility comes to the noble as their second nature. They do not discriminate as worthy beings or unworthy beings. They treat them all same. It is the society that labels someone worthy or worthless. Does the moon snatch back or withhold his light from the house of a lower caste person. It is the society again who makes the caste as higher or lower. The noble, like the moon, do not differentiate while performing their deeds.

pada vigrahaH:
निर्गुणेषु अपि सत्त्वेषु दयां कुर्वन्ति साधवः
nirguNeShu api sattveShu dayaaM kurvanti saadhavaH

नहि संहरते ज्योत्स्नां चन्द्रः चाण्डाल वेश्मनः
nahi saMharate jyotsnaaM chandraH chaaNDaala veshmanaH

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