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October 21st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दानेन पाणिर्न तु कङ्कणेन स्नानेन शुद्धिर्न तु चन्दनेन
मानेन तृप्‍तिर्न तु भोजनेन ज्ञानेन मुक्तिर्न तु पूजनेन

daanena paaNirna tu ka~nkaNena snaanena shuddhirna tu chandanena
maanena tRuptirna tu bhojanena jnaanena muktirna tu pUjanena

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Bestowal makes a hand (graceful), not bracelets; ablution purifies, not sandal paste; contentment comes from character, not food; absolution comes from knowledge, not worshiping.

Giving charity is a better adornment to a hand than beautiful shiny bangles. Nice perfumes or smearing sandal won't do a good job of cleansing, a bath is essential for that. Food won't satiate the soul but integrity will. Mere chanting of mantras and worshiping will not bring salvation. True knowledge that removes the ignorance (about our very existence) is required to liberate the soul.

The misnomers about adornments are thus put to rest.

pada vigrahaH:
दानेन पाणिः न तु कङ्कणेन स्नानेन शुद्धिः न तु चन्दनेन
daanena paaNiH na tu ka~nkaNena snaanena shuddhiH na tu chandanena

मानेन तृप्‍तिः न तु भोजनेन ज्ञानेन मुक्तिः न तु पूजनेन
maanena tRuptiH na tu bhojanena jnaanena muktiH na tu pUjanena

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