October 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यः पठति लिखति पश्यति परिपृच्छति पण्डितानुपाश्रयति
तस्य दिनकरकिरणैर्नलिनीदलमिव विकास्यते बुद्धिः
- सुभाषितरत्नभाण्डागार

yaH paThati likhati pashyati paripRuchChati paNDitaanupaashrayati
tasya dinakarakiraNairnalinIdalamiva vikaasyate buddhiH
- subhaaShitaratnabhaaNDaagaara

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A person who reads, writes, sees, inquires, keeps the company of learned; his intelligence blooms like the petals of a lotus, on seeing the sun.

When a person wants to increase his knowledge base, there are many ways. But for a person who reads books, keeps notes in writing, observes the happenings around him, inquires about things he doesn't know and keeps company of the learned - his intelligence will expand effortlessly. The simile given is - as effortlessly as the lotus petals bloom, when rays of the sun touch them. If we have these basic traits needed, then knowledge will come naturally.

pada vigrahaH:
यः पठति लिखति पश्यति परिपृच्छति पण्डितान् उपाश्रयति
yaH paThati likhati pashyati paripRuchChati paNDitaan upaashrayati

तस्य दिनकर किरणैः नलिनी दलम् इव विकास्यते बुद्धिः
tasya dinakara kiraNaiH nalinI dalam iva vikaasyate buddhiH

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