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October 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मन्त्रे तीर्थे द्विजे दैवे दैवज्ञे भेषजे गुरौ
यादृशी भावना यत्र सिद्दिर्भवति तादृशी

- समयोचितपद्यमालिका

mantre tIrthe dvije daive daivajne bheShaje gurou
yaadRushee bhaavanaa yatra siddirbhavati taadRushee
- samayochitapadyamaalikaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Mantras, piligrimages, brahmanas (knower of brahman), deities, seekers/knowers of God, doctors, teachers - their usefulness (to us) will be proportional to the faith we put in them.

Vedic chants or formulas of prayer, a place of worship, the brahmana (brahmana here is not - Brahmin, the community) and his knowledge, Gods and Goddesses, ascetics, doctors as well as teachers - all these contribute to the society in their own special ways. How useful they are to us depends on how much faith we invest in them!

There are lots of examples in real life where a particular treatment was fruitful to one person and not the other. A teacher was thought of as 'wonderful' by one student and 'hopeless' by the other. Miracles seem to happen to some people and not the rest. The list goes on. The mysterious ingredient behind this difference in the results, is probably, the faith with which they went in the first place. Go with more faith, get better results.

In spite, if the results are bad, leave it up to Him, the Almighty. He knows what's best for who. He never lets down anyone, anywhere, anytime!

pada vigrahaH:
मन्त्रे तीर्थे द्विजे दैवे दैवज्ञे भेषजे गुरौ
mantre tIrthe dvije daive daivaj~je bheShaje gurou

यादृशी भावना यत्र सिद्दिः भवति तादृशी
yaadRushee bhaavanaa yatra siddiH bhavati taadRushee

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