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October 5th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दीनगोचरदयापरिहीनं यस्य मानसमतीव कठोरम्
तेन भूमिरतिभारवतीयं न द्रुमैर्न गिरिभिर्न समुद्रैः

- आश्चर्यचूडामणि व्याख्या

dInagocharadayaaparihInaM yasya maanasamatIva kaThoram
tena bhUmiratibhaaravatIyaM na drumairna giribhirna samudraiH
- aashcharyachUDaamaNi vyaakhyaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Those that are oblivious to the helpless, merciless and are hard-hearted, they are the load on earth; not the trees, mountains or the oceans.

One might think the huge mountains, deep oceans or the large trees are heavy on earth. In reality, they aren't. Mother earth can easily bear their weight. But people who are merciless, kindless and cruel at heart are the true burdens on the face of the earth. Such is the weight of cruelty and kindness.

pada vigrahaH:
दीन गोचर दया परिहीनं यस्य मानसम् अतीव कठोरम्
dIna gochara dayaa parihInaM yasya maanasam atIva kaThoram

तेन भूमिः अति भारवती इयं न द्रुमैः न गिरिभिः न समुद्रैः
tena bhUmiH ati bhaaravatI iyaM na drumaiH na giribhiH na samudraiH

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