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October 9th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
शीलं शौर्यमनालस्यं पाण्डित्यं मित्र संग्रहः
अचोरहरणीयानि पञ्चैतान्यक्षयो निधिः

sheelaM shauryamanaalasyaM paaNDityaM mitra saMgrahaH
achoraharaNIyaani pa~nchaitaanyakShayo nidhiH

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Integrity, courage, activity, erudition, collection of friends - these are the five (types of) imperishable treasures, that can't be stolen by thieves.

There is no point collecting lots of wealth, assets, etc. They are all perishable and could be stolen easily. But the most valuable assests are, the person's -
1. Integrity, character, dignity, conduct, morality
2. Courage, bravery
3. Activity, alertness, non-lazy attitude
4. Erudition, scholarship, education
5. Collection of friends, friends accumulated

Whatever be the name used, these 5 are the most valuable and imperishable treasures. They never diminish with age. And the best part is, they can never be stolen by anyone.

pada vigrahaH:
शीलं शौर्यम् अनालस्यं पाण्डित्यं मित्र संग्रहः
sheelaM shauryam anaalasyaM paaNDityaM mitra saMgrahaH

अचोर हरणीयानि पञ्च एतानि अक्षयः निधिः
achora haraNIyaani pa~ncha etaani akShayaH nidhiH

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