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October 25th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
शिशौ प्रविशतः प्रायः प्रतिवेशिगुणागुणौ
गन्धोऽन्यसन्निधेरेव सङ्क्रामति समीरणे

- हरिहरसुभाषित

shishau pravishataH praayaH prativeshiguNaaguNau
gandho.nyasannidhereva sa~nkraamati samIraNe
- hariharasubhaaShita

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Virtues and vices of the neighbors (people around) enter into the child probably just naturally as odor with the air.

Keep good company!

The merits and demerits of friends and family around the child, will integrate into the child very easily. The simile given is that of air. It carries with it any odor, be it the fragrance of a flower or the smell of a rotten fruit. The air cannot discriminate between appealing and non-appealing scents. Air just blends the odor into itself and also spreads it everywhere it travels. Children similarly cannot differentiate between good and bad qualities. They just pick up every attribute they come across.

It becomes the duty of the parents or the adults around, to make sure the child is in good company. Inspite, they pick up unwanted habits every now and again. Then it is the utmost responsibility of the parents to correct them right away and teach them what they approve of or disapprove of.

pada vigrahaH:
शिशौ प्रविशतः प्रायः प्रतिवेशि गुण अगुणौ
shishau pravishataH praayaH prativeshi guNa aguNau

गन्धः अन्य सन्निधेः एव सङ्क्रामति समीरणे
gandhaH anya sannidheH eva sa~nkraamati samIraNe

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