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March 9th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अहंममाभिमानोत्थैः कामलोभादिभिर्मलैः
वीतं यदा मनः शुद्धम् अदुःखमसुखं समम्

- भागवत

ahaMmamaabhimaanotthaiH kaamalobhaadibhirmalaiH
vItaM yadaa manaH shuddham aduHkhamasukhaM samam
- bhaagavata

Meaning of the subhAShita:
When the mind is purified of the impurities like desire, avarice, etc., generated due to arrogant feelings like me and mine, (then) absence of pain or absence of pleasure, feel equal.

The minute ego enters one's mind, it causes havoc. It brings in a hoard of other unwanted faculties along like - desire, anger, greed, affliction, arrogance and jealousy. Each one of these is capable of causing tremendous pain when all these come as a package, it is just a disaster waiting to happen!

When the mind is purified of such impurities, the real picture of life and the purpose of life becomes crystal clear. In that light, one doesn't feel any difference in either the absence of pleasure or the absence of pain. (It is interesting how the poet has said 'absence of pain' and 'absence of pleasure'. Isn't an absence of pain, pleasure? And an absence of pleasure, pain? Not really! A pure mind, in the absence of pain, doesn't get excited nor does it feel depressed in the absence of pleasure. Hence such an expression!) He will be able to take both with the same approach and live life like a lotus leaf in water. Although a lotus leaf is born in water and thrives in water, it does not get attached to it, nor does the water affect or tarnish it. Such is the approach of a pure mind, towards life and its nature.

pada vigrahaH:
अहं मम अभिमान उत्थैः काम लोभ आदिभिः मलैः
ahaM mama abhimaana utthaiH kaama lobha aadibhiH malaiH

वीतं यदा मनः शुद्धम् अदुःखम् असुखं समम्
vItaM yadaa manaH shuddham aduHkham asukhaM samam

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