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March 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
हीयते हि मतिस्तात हीनैः सह समागमात्
समैश्च समतामेति विशिष्टैश्च विशिष्टताम्

- हितोपदेश

hIyate hi matistaata hInaiH saha samaagamaat
samaishcha samataameti vishiShTaishcha vishiShTataam
- hitopadesha

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Oh, protector (king)! In the company of the inferior, intellect attains inferiority; with equals, it attains evenness; with the distinguished, it excels!

(This is a shloka from hitopadesha where the king has sons who are dull-witted. He is worried about their progress and the welfare of the country. The very learned viShNu sharma tells the king thus.)

As is the company, so does the intellect prosper.

Just as one rotten apple spoils the whole lot, the company of the forsaken makes one perform deeds that are forbidden. There isn't any growth in the positive direction. On the contrary, there is deterioration. At any cost, one should keep oneself away from such influences.

Being with equals does no harm to one's thinking prospects. They do not go down the growth pyramid. But they do not attain greater heights either. Their progress plateaus and knowledge stagnates. Although this is not as bad as the previous kind of association, it isn't very beneficial either.

Association of the distinguished and wise makes even a dull-witted person, wise. There is no downside to this kind of company. One does not fall off from his level of intellect nor does he stagnate. However small, there is growth for sure! One should always aim at a higher target and keep his eyes on a goal which makes him better with each passing day. This is possible only when the company kept is par excellence.

Keep good friends!

pada vigrahaH:
हीयते हि मतिः तात हीनैः सह समागमात्
samaiH cha samataam eti vishiShTaiH cha vishiShTataam

समैः च समताम् एति विशिष्टैः च विशिष्टताम्
samaiH cha samataam eti vishiShTaiH cha vishiShTataam

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