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March 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
चित्तस्य शुद्धये कर्म न तु वस्तूपलब्धये
वस्तुसिद्धिर्विचारेण न किञ्चित् कर्मकोटिभिः

- विवेकचूडामणि

chittasya shuddhaye karma na tu vastUpalabdhaye
vastusiddhirvichaareNa na ki~nchit karmakoTibhiH
- vivekachUDaamaNi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Action is for the cleansing of the mind, not the attainment of knowledge (आत्म वस्तु विचार - aatma vastu vichaara - knowledge about the self). 'aatma jnaana' is attained through self-inquiry, not by performing countless deeds.

Actions are essential for the cleansing of one's mind. But performing innumerous actions will not lead towards the knowledge about oneself. That knowledge is attained only through constant self-inquiry and reflection about oneself on a constant basis. It is not a dish that someone can prepare and present it to someone else. This inquiry has to come from within oneself and it stays with the inquirer alone. Scriptures, teachers and books can only lead one in that direction. But what each person achieves using these tools, is entirely up to himself. How one analyzes the teachings and reflects upon himself defines the kind of 'aatma jnaana' (knowledge about the soul) he attains.

Once this knowledge is attained, that drives him to do actions for the betterment of the society without being attached to their fruit (result). That instantaneously makes him a 'yogi'.

pada vigrahaH:
चित्तस्य शुद्धये कर्म न तु वस्तु उपलब्धये
chittasya shuddhaye karma na tu vastu upalabdhaye

वस्तु सिद्धिः विचारेण न किञ्चित् कर्म कोटिभिः
vastu siddhiH vichaareNa na ki~nchit karma koTibhiH

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