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March 11th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
नमन्ति फलिता वृक्षाः नमन्ति च बुधा जनाः
शुष्ककाष्ठानि मूर्खाश्च भिद्यन्ते न नमन्ति च

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

namanti phalitaa vRukShaaH namanti cha budhaa janaaH
shuShkakaaShThaani mUrkhaashcha bhidyante na namanti cha
- subhaaShitasudhaanidhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Fruit bearing trees are bent and so are the learned, in prostration. Dry twigs and the imbecile do not bend and are slit and broken.

A tree filled with fruits cannot stand upright, as if in pride. It bends down and offers its fruit to the world, in humility. Similarly, the learned and wise people, bow down in prostration to the guru, the supreme power in each individual. They do not pride themselves and display arrogance towards other beings. They are neither haughty nor high strung due to their knowledge, rather, they are humble and compassionate because of their knowledge.

Whereas, dry sapless trees stand stiff and straight as if nothing can affect them. But one fine day, they get felled by someone or become fuel for some wildfire! Similarly, only fools think highly of themselves and do not care for true knowledge. If they attain the same fate as the dry twigs of a sapless tree, why should one be surprised!

Humility is an adornment of the wise! Be humble.

pada vigrahaH:
नमन्ति फलिता वृक्षाः नमन्ति च बुधा जनाः
namanti phalitaa vRukShaa namanti cha budhaa janaaH

शुष्क काष्ठानि मूर्खाः च भिद्यन्ते न नमन्ति च
shuShka kaaShThaani mUrkhaaH cha bhidyante na namanti cha

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