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March 22nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अभ्यासाद्धार्यते विद्या कुलं शीलेन धार्यते
गुणेन ज्ञायते त्वार्यः कोपो नेत्रेण गम्यते

- चाणक्य नीति

abhyaasaaddhaaryate vidyaa kulaM shIlena dhaaryate
guNena j~naayate tvaaryaH kopo netreNa gamyate
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Knowledge is borne by practice; a lineage is carried in its integrity; the honorable are held through efficacy; anger is expressed through the eyes.

1. Learning something is not sufficient. It needs to be put to use through practice. Like they say, 'practice makes perfect'. The efficiency of knowledge is clearly evident when applied. One who has enough practice executes the task with ease than the one who only learnt it. So, one's knowledge is graded according to their practice of it.

2. A family's morals and values are expressed through a person's integrity and conduct. His respectability and value come through his morality than his material possessions.

3. Whether one is born in a higher caste or lower caste (a/c social norms), it does not define his nobility. His greatness comes from his character and how he conducts himself when dealing with others.

4. This is an interesting one. One's anger and displeasure need not be expressed in words or deeds. No matter what one says or does, his true temperament is reflected in his eyes. Like they say, 'eyes are the windows to one's soul', it gives away one's true feelings, irrespective of their speech or actions. Hence, the best way to communicate with another person is, looking into his eyes. The eye contact is capable of communicating a lot more than mere words. It not only reveals one's true feelings, it also compels them to be honest. Now, that's a bonus!

Beware, take care.

pada vigrahaH:
अभ्यासात् धार्यते विद्या कुलं शीलेन धार्यते
abhyaasaat dhaaryate vidyaa kulaM shIlena dhaaryate

गुणेन ज्ञायते तु आर्यः कोपः नेत्रेण गम्यते
guNena j~naayate tu aaryaH kopaH netreNa gamyate

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