March 30th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
रूपयौवनसम्पन्नाः विशालकुलसम्भवाः
विद्याहीना न शोभन्ते निर्गन्धा इव किम्शुकाः
- चाणक्य नीति

rUpayauvanasampannaaH vishaalakulasambhavaaH
vidyaahInaa na shobhante nirgandhaa iva kimshukaaH
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Those adorned with beauty and youth, (although) born to a splendid lineage, if not learned, do not shine; just as flowers without fragrance, are futile.

The very thought of a flower to one's mind is - colorful, artistic petals, with mesmerizing fragrances. A flower without fragrance doesn't even attract the bees. A flower that doesn't attract the bees is considered futile.

A person may be in the prime of his youth, with the prettiest face as can be. He may be born to the most splendorous of the families too. But if he doesn't have the one main adornment called vidyaa (knowledge), none of the above qualities make a lasting impression. Learning and knowledge have been given prime importance from times immemorial. The verse goes on to say that a person who is not adorned with vidyaa (knowledge) is futile!

Get learning! It is a win win situation!!

pada vigrahaH:
रूप यौवन सम्पन्नाः विशाल कुल सम्भवाः
rUpa yauvana sampannaaH vishaala kula sambhavaaH

विद्या हीना न शोभन्ते निर्गन्धाः इव किम्शुकाः
vidyaa hInaa na shobhante nirgandhaaH iva kimshukaaH

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