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March 16th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सर्वथा सुकरं मित्रं दुष्करं परिपालनम्
अनित्यत्वात्तु चित्तानां मतिरल्पेऽपि भिद्यते

- रामायण, किष्किन्दाकण्ड

sarvathaa sukaraM mitraM duShkaraM paripaalanam
anityatvaattu chittaanaaM matiralpe.pi bhidyate
- raamaayaNa, kiShkindaakaNDa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
It is easy to earn friends, but very hard to keep. As the mind is transient, it (friendship) can be broken by a petty conflict.

In this world, making friends is the easiest chore. The camaraderie flies off well too, initially. One might find a lot of common interests between each other and enjoy similar tastes in activities too. Suddenly, come one day, it is very easy to have a misunderstanding and put an end to the whole relationship itself.

The verse says, it is very easy to make friends but very hard to nurture and nourish the friendship. The reason is the mind. By nature, it is unstable, transient, uncertain and ephemeral. So, the slightest tiff can cause a rift and pull the people apart.

Beware of such causes. Do not ruin a good friendship due to petty misunderstandings. Rise above the petty mind!

pada vigrahaH:
सर्वथा सुकरं मित्रं दुष्करं परिपालनम्
sarvathaa sukaraM mitraM duShkaraM paripaalanam

अनित्यत्वात् तु चित्तानां मतिः अल्पे अपि भिद्यते
anityatvaat tu chittaanaaM matiH alpe api bhidyate

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