March 26th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
बह्वाशी अल्पसन्तुष्टः सुनिद्रो शीघ्रचेतनः
प्रभुभक्तिश्च शौर्यञ्च मन्तव्याः शट् शुनो गुणाः
- चाण्क्य नीति

bahvaashI alpasantuShTaH sunidro shIghrachetanaH
prabhubhaktishcha shaurya~jcha mantavyaaH shaT shuno guNaaH
- chaaNkya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Has many desires, is satiated with little, sleeps deep, alerts quick, faithfulness to the master and courage - honorable are these 6 efficacies of a dog.

There is a lesson to learn from every being, actually 6, from a dog - He has many a desires, also, he eats well when food is offered. But if there isn't any, he is just as happy. He is a sound sleeper, yet he stirs up at the slightest peep. He is ever faithful to his master. The master's own kith and kin may leave his side, but the dog he fed, will never leave him. Back stabbing is a concept unknown to him. He is brave too, will even bet his life if need be, in order to save his master.

Doesn't philosophy tell us to be happy with what we have? Doesn't philosophy tell us to be aware and alert in the mind always? Faithfulness is never put down in any school of thought. And courage of course is needed not just for survival, but for venturing out into the unknown, for bettering ourselves. Hence, there are valuable lessons to be learnt, even from a dog.

Great is his soul, who can recognize the greatness in another being, irrespective of his lineage, social stature or acquaintances.

pada vigrahaH:
बहु आशी अल्प सन्तुष्टः सुनिद्रः शीघ्र चेतनः
bahu aashI alpa santuShTaH sunidraH shIghra chetanaH

प्रभु भक्तिः च शौर्यं च मन्तव्याः शट् शुनो गुणाः
prabhu bhaktiH cha shauryaM cha mantavyaaH shaT shuno guNaaH

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