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March 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
कुग्रामवासः कुजनस्य सेवा
कुभोजनं क्रोधमुखी च भार्या
मूर्खश्च पुत्रो विधवा च कन्या
दहन्ति चैतानि जनं विनाग्निम्
- सुभाषितरत्नसमुच्चय

kugraamavaasaH kujanasya sevaa
kubhojanaM krodhamukhI cha bhaaryaa
mUrkhashcha putro vidhavaa cha kanyaa
dahanti chaitaani janaM vinaagnim
- subhaaShitaratnasamuchchaya

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Life in an ill-fated village, serving the evil, banal food, a wrathful wife, imbecile son, also a widowed daughter - these burn one without even the requirement of fire.

1. Living in unfavorable circumstance and conditions is not fun. Living around people who do not have any value for dharma is certainly not a pleasant thing.

2. When having to serve the evil, one has to kill his own conscience. There is no hell worse than having to fell ones inner voice and slug along life, under an evil doer.

3. All the efforts and endeavors one undertakes, is for the sake of his stomach. Whether he is rich or poor, at the end of the day, his efforts are to satiate his palette, one way or another. If that food is stale and unhealthy, that negates all his efforts so far. He would neither enjoy eating such food, nor does it assist in nurturing his health. It only aids in slowly killing the person.

4. A wife is the back bone of the household in many respects. She needs to be strong and yet pleasant. She serves as the shock absorber for the entire family. If it is not effective enough, the family doesn't get a cushion from calamities. If she is always wrathful and angry-faced, the husband cannot look forward to coming to a relaxing and peaceful place called home. Pleasantness of the wife is a very integral part of a successful household.

5. Any parent wants his children to prosper in life, even after they have passed on. In this regard, they equip their children with education, for, that alone is the tool for leading a happy life. What if the son is an imbecile and refuses to learn? The parents of such children suffer anxiety through out their lives.

6. No parent wants to see their offspring suffer any kind of pain. The smallest infliction on the child shakes them up. Then, how can parents see their daughter suffer the loss of her husband. That is a death sentence to her parents.

All these above circumstances are equated to death, or may be more. When a person dies, he is burnt on a pyre, with fire. But any of these above circumstances is capable of burning a person alive, even without needing fire.

Some of these circumstances are destiny. But whatever is within our control, shouldn't we take charge and make sure that our lives and those around us, are as happy as we can make it!

pada vigrahaH:
कुग्राम वासः कुजनस्य सेवा
kugraama vaasaH kujanasya sevaa

कुभोजनं क्रोध मुखी च भार्या
kubhojanaM krodha mukhI cha bhaaryaa

मूर्खः च पुत्रः विधवा च कन्या
mUrkhaH cha putraH vidhavaa cha kanyaa

दहन्ति च एतानि जनं विना अग्निम्
dahanti cha etaani janaM vinaa agnim

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