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March 7th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आरोप्यते शिला शैले यथा यत्नेन भूयसा
निपात्यते सुखेनाधः तथात्मा गुणदोषयोः

- हितोपदेश, सुहृद्भेद

aaropyate shilaa shaile yathaa yatnena bhUyasaa
nipaatyate sukhenaadhaH tathaatmaa guNadoShayoH
- hitopadesha, suhRudbheda

Meaning of the subhAShita:
With tremendous effort, a big stone could be raised on to the top of a mountain but it can be very easily rolled down. Same is the case with the soul, the efficacies and the defects.

If a stone was required to be carried up a steep mountain, it takes a great lot of strenuous effort on one's part. When it needs to be brought downhill, all it takes is one gentle push and then gravity is in charge. The stone rolls all the way down, making it difficult to even make a pause in between!

The exact same is the scenario with the आत्मा (aatmaa - self). The aatmaa needs to climb the huge, hard, steep and rugged mountain of संसार (saMsaara - worldly existence). It takes a lot of effort to climb uphill. That climbing is done with the assistance of गुणाः (guNaaH - efficacies, merits, virtues). It takes the aatmaa, a lot of guNa-s to put one step in front of another, in order to conquer the uphill trek. But a small effort in the other direction, a gentle push given by the दोषाः (doShaaH - defects, blemishes, faults, weaknesses - can be given multitudes of names), very easily rolls the aatmaa down the hill, in an instant, negating all the efforts in climbing up so far! Then the aatmaa doesn't even have a hold on how far down it will reach. If there is a pivot strong enough on the way, it might stop midway, else, it will fall all the way down and then some (because of the potential gained during the rolling :).

One needs to be very cautious about every action and thought. It can either be a guNa or a doSha. They need to be entertained accordingly if the conquest of saMsaara is the goal!

pada vigrahaH:
आरोप्यते शिला शैले यथा यत्नेन भूयसा
aaropyate shilaa shaile yathaa yatnena bhUyasaa

निपात्यते सुखेन् आधः तथा अत्मा गुण दोषयोः
nipaatyate sukhen aadhaH tathaa atmaa guNa doShayoH

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