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March 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अणुमात्रं मनस्तस्मात् आशा नाम लतोद्गता
तस्या नालमुपघ्नाय भुवनानि चतुर्दशः

- आश्चर्यचूडामणिव्याख्या

aNumaatraM manastasmaat aashaa naama latodgataa
tasyaa naalamupaghnaaya bhuvanaani chaturdashaH
- aashcharyachUDaamaNivyaakhyaa

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Merely atom sized is the mind, in it, a creeper named 'desire' sprouts. For its windings to spread, the fourteen worlds (fall short).

As per common knowledge - a pint-sized can, can hold a pint of water; a quart sized mug, holds a quart of juice; or, a gallon sized pail holds a gallon of liquid. But man can turn this common sense rule, upside down in a jiffy!

The mind is barely the size of an atom. It is imaginary and doesn't even take any physical space. But when 'seeds of greed' are sown, a creeper named 'desire' sprouts. Very quickly, it encompasses everything that comes its way, obscuring the true value of the people around. Also, it keeps growing at a monstrous pace that, as much room for growth is given, its potential to grow increases exponentially! The poet says that even the 14 worlds become small under the radius of desire!! It encompasses anything and everything, without even considering its authenticity or validity.

The best way to stop the weed of desire from spreading to destructive proportions is - nipping it in the bud.

As soon as desire knocks on the door, hold up a sign - 'Desire, beware!' :).

pada vigrahaH:
अणु-मात्रं मनः तस्मात् आशा नाम लता उद्गता
aNu-maatraM manaH tasmaat aashaa naama lataa udgataa

तस्याः नालम् उपघ्नाय भुवनानि चतुर्दशः

tasyaaH naalam upaghnaaya bhuvanaani chaturdashaH


  1. namaste

    ati uttamam asti. dhanyavAdaH. ekah prashnaH asti.
    लता उद्गता ( not लत )
    तस्याः ( not तस्या )
    ca bhavityam khila ?.

  2. Have laxed on the 'visarga sandhi' in the pada vigraha in many of the shlokas. That section was mainly for breaking up long complex words into readable bits. Will keep your suggestion in mind. Thanks.