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March 6th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
लोभेनाविष्टो नरो वित्तं वीक्षते नैव चापदम्
दुग्धं पश्यति मार्जारः यथा न लगुडाहतिम्

lobhenaaviShTo naro vittaM vIkShate naiva chaapadam
dugdhaM pashyati maarjaaraH yathaa na laguDaahatim

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A person filled with greed sees the money, not the troubles; just as a cat sees the milk and not the baton blows.

When a cat sees milk, it just wants to lap it all up. It will not, for one moment, think of the blows it receives with the stick, for doing so. (ASPCA - American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, may sue one for this action :) That is what happens when a cat spills over a vessel of milk in the kitchen. The cat will be chased out of the kitchen or sometimes, brandished with a stick. But the cat will not think of it when it sees the milk. It just focuses on getting the milk, not the hardship that accompanies its action. Moreover, it repeats the actions every time, without learning its lesson.

Similarly, a person engulfed in greed, sets his eyes only on acquiring more and more, wealth and money. He will not stop to think about the repercussions he has to face or the troubles that accompany his actions. He sets his focus on the materialistic pleasures that bring in a hoard of other troubles and loses focus on the bigger picture repeatedly.

Think before you act, then more than half the troubles will be eradicated.

pada vigrahaH:
लोभेन अविष्टः नरो वित्तं वीक्षते न एव च अपदम्
lobhena aviShTaH naro vittaM vIkShate na eva cha apadam

दुग्धं पश्यति मार्जारः यथा न लगुड आहतिम्
dugdhaM pashyati maarjaaraH yathaa na laguDa aahatim

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