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March 28th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
चलन्ति गिरयः कामं युगान्तपवनाहताः
कृच्छ्रेऽपि न चलत्येव धीराणां निश्चलं मनः

- चण्डकौशिक

chalanti girayaH kaamaM yugaantapavanaahataaH
kRuchChre.pi na chalatyeva dhIraaNaaM nishchalaM manaH
- chaNDakaushika

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Mountains move willfully during the apocalypse, struck by the winds. But even in difficult times, the mind of the steadfast remains unperturbed.

The mountains are very steady and strong, yet there is an exceptional scenario. They yield and move due to the gusty winds at an apocalypse. All their tenacity is squashed to an obscure nothing when annihilation is underway.

But those that are steadfast, brave and courageous, remain strong standing, no matter what the circumstances are. The impending hardships and calamities only make them stronger than ever. There is no exception! Such is the strength of their willpower. Their minds remain steady, unperturbed and immensely strong. For, if the mind yields to the hardships, it just takes them away like a twig of grass caught in a whirlwind.

Keep thy focus, dig thy roots deep, yet dare to fly - should be the motto!

pada vigrahaH:
चलन्ति गिरयः कामं युगान्त पवन आहताः
chalanti girayaH kaamaM yugaanta pavana aahataaH

कृच्छ्रे अपि न चलति एव धीराणां निश्चलं मनः
kRuchChre api na chalati eva dhIraaNaaM nishchalaM manaH

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