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March 31st

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
माता शत्रुः पिता वैरी येन बालो न पाठितः
न शोभते सभामध्ये हंसमध्ये बको यथा

- चाणक्यनीति

maataa shatruH pitaa vairI yena baalo na paaThitaH
na shobhate sabhaamadhye haMsamadhye bako yathaa
- chaaNakyanIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Mother is an enemy, father is a foe, by whom, the children are not taught. He (the child) does not shine in a gathering, just as a stork amidst swans.

The prime duty of mother and father, as parents, is to educate the children and equip them with life essential skills. Parents need to take a very active role in helping shape their children into good-hearted, responsible adults with deep-rooted values. That is what keeps the society strong and surviving, as well as keeps the world going. That is the gift the parents leave to the world and give to their own children. It is alright if they do not make a small fortune to last them 3 generations, but they need to educate their children. Such children make the world a happier place and they will be happy people themselves.

Else, children will not shine in their lives and even become a bane of the society. They would prove to be misfits in the society, just as a limp stork would, amidst a group of graceful swans. Swans are known for their grace. A crane is wobbly and limp in its gait, in comparison to a swan. A crane in the middle of swans would stick out like a sore thumb. Nobody wants to be that sore thumb. Children, while growing up, do not realize the importance of learning nor its applicability. So, it becomes all the more important for the parents to teach them all the tricks and trades for leading a successful life. That means - education, morals, values and confidence. The parents that do not do that, are as good as foes of their own children since they are contributing to their downfall, just as rivals would.

Adults, equip youngsters with knowledge. Youngsters, let them! :)

pada vigrahaH:
माता शत्रुः पिता वैरी येन बालो न पाठितः
maataa shatruH pitaa vairI yena baalo na paaThitaH

न शोभते सभामध्ये हंस-मध्ये बको यथा
na shobhate sabhaamadhye haMsa-madhye bako yathaa


  1. hey , I regularly started reading this blog and memorizing subhashita.So much wisdom is there in them. Thanks again and again.

  2. Thanks Neeraj. Glad you like it :).