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March 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
को हि भारः समर्थानां किं दूरं व्यवसायिनाम्
को विदेशः सविद्यानां कः परः प्रियवादिनाम्

- चाणक्य नीति

ko hi bhaaraH samarthaanaaM kiM dUraM vyavasaayinaam
ko videshaH savidyaanaaM kaH paraH priyavaadinaam
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
What is heavy, for the strong? What is far, for the untiring? What is a foreign land, for the knowledgeable? Who is a stranger, to an endearing speaker?

A strong man is capable of efficiently lifting heavy loads with the greatest of ease. For him, nothing is too heavy to handle. His muscular toning gives him that confidence.

A persistent, untiring, industrious person can constantly focus on the task at hand. For such an individual, no goal is too hard, no destination is too far. His tenacity and persistence make it easy for him to achieve anything.

An educated person can carry himself through the strangest of lands. He is able to deal with unknown situations and circumstances as if in his own backyard. For him, no land is a foreign land. Knowledge stands as his backbone through thick and thin.

A person whose speech is pleasant can approach and communicate with anyone. For him, no man is a stranger! All beings are appeased by endearing and pleasant words. Anyone yields to such a kind of speech. His heartful, sincere and kind speech, becomes his tool to enter into the heart of another being. When one becomes dear to the heart, he is no longer called a stranger! Hence, no one remains a stranger to the person with pleasant speech.

Speak nicely and sincerely. All beings are pleased by it and yield to it too.

pada vigrahaH:
कः हि भारः समर्थानां किं दूरं व्यवसायिनाम्
kaH hi bhaaraH samarthaanaaM kiM dUraM vyavasaayinaam

कः विदेशः सविद्यानां कः परः प्रिय वादिनाम्
kaH videshaH savidyaanaaM kaH paraH priya vaadinaam


  1. Namaskaromi !

    Looks like you have the the English transliteration pat of "pada VigrahaH" interchanged..


  2. Thanks Lakshmi. It is fixed now.