March 3rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
आपदि मित्र परीक्षा शूरपरीक्षा च रणाङ्गणे
विनये वम्श परीक्षा च शील परीक्षा तु धनक्षये

aapadi mitra parIkShaa shUraparIkShaa cha raNaa~ngaNe
vinaye vamsha parIkShaa cha shIla parIkShaa tu dhanakShaye

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A friend's testing ground is calamities, the brave are tested on the battlefield, the test of a family is in its humility and character is tested in times of poverty.

One might have gazillions of friends that they hang out with, he might have many more that would want to get to know him... But the true testing ground for the friendship is, in times of trouble. The true colors of all friends surface, the minute he is in a calamity. A person who stands by him through thick and thin, is his one true friend.

Talking about courage and even training in marshal arts doesn't make one brave. A person's valiance comes to light when he has to face real circumstances and fight a battle on a battle field. That is his real testing ground.

A family is not weighed as per their possession, wealth, friends and foes. The real test for a family is in its values. What kind of culture and moralities are imbibed in the children, speak volumes about the state of affairs in the family.

One can be of great character in pleasant times. When he has all the riches in the world, it is easy for one to follow the rules, do good to others, be cheerful, etc. But when the materialistic riches are gone, there is scarcity of resources and there is no fall back, then, the mettle of the person's character is put to test.

To keep one's moral grounds, under all circumstances, takes courage and character.

pada vigrahaH:
आपदि मित्र परीक्षा शूर परीक्षा च रण अङ्गणे
aapadi mitra parIkShaa shUra parIkShaa cha raNa a~ngaNe

विनये वम्श परीक्षा च शील परीक्षा तु धन क्षये
vinaye vamsha parIkShaa cha shIla parIkShaa tu dhana kShaye

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