August 5th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
विप्रयोर्विप्रवह्न्योश्च दम्पत्योः स्वामिभृत्ययोः
अन्तरेण न गन्तव्यं हलस्य वृषभस्य च
- चाणक्य नीति

viprayorvipravahnyoshcha dampatyoH svaamibhRutyayoH
antareNa na gantavyaM halasya vRuShabhasya cha
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Never go between - two theologians; theologian and the sacred fire; husband and wife; master and servant; plough and the bull.

Common sense! None of these scenarios have any scarcity for screaming danger ;).

Theologians are popular for their disagreements! Each has their own set of opinions and they quickly get into arguments. Being between them or being forced to take the side of one or the other, is not a safe place to be in :).

A theologian worships the fire. Many types of sacrifices are offered to the fire. Being in the way is only an invitation for trouble!

Between a husband and wife, many an arguments arise. But they themselves, are the best people to settle them. Anyone else, will prove to be an outsider. They would either be in a sticky situation or be the cause for creating more trouble between the couple! Neither is a likable outcome! It is best not to get between a husband and wife, under any circumstance.

Coming between a master and his servant isn't sensible either. The orders of the master are better when received by the subordinate himself. There won't be any mis-communication of the orders.

A bull pulls the plough in the fields. When the pace of the moving plough is at the mercy of the bull, how sane is it to walk between the bull and the plough :).

Know thy boundaries. Do not step into unfavorable or unwanted territories or situations!

pada vigrahaH:
विप्रयोः विप्र-वह्न्योः च दम्पत्योः स्वामि-भृत्ययोः
viprayoH vipra-vahnyoH cha dampatyoH svaami-bhRutyayoH

अन्तरेण न गन्तव्यं हलस्य वृषभस्य च
antareNa na gantavyaM halasya vRuShabhasya cha

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