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August 17th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मृदुमप्यवमन्यन्ते तीक्ष्णादुद्विजते जनः ।
मा तीक्ष्णो मा मृदुर्भूः त्वं तीक्ष्णो भव मृदुर्भव ॥

- महाभारत, शान्तिपर्व

mṛdumapyavamanyante tīkṣṇādudvijate janaḥ ।
mā tīkṣṇo mā mṛdurbhūḥ tvaṃ tīkṣṇo bhava mṛdurbhava ॥
- mahābhārata, śāntiparva

Meaning of the subhAShita:
People show contempt towards the weak (and) are agitated by the zealous. You don't be (over) zealous or weak. Be zealous 'and' weak!

When a person is weak, people show contempt towards him. He gets ignored and his word disregarded. When a person is zealous and affirmative, people get intimidated by him and hence agitated! What should one do? How should he be? The poet advises one to be neither overzealous nor weak. Both have their own set of drawbacks. One needs to be zealous 'and' weak! The 'and' is instrumental here. Although it sounds ironic, selecting the right temperament for the right reasons is crucial.

One needs to show his tenacity under tough conditions. He can not buckle under such circumstances. But then, when a situation calls for humility and compassion, toughness isn't of any use! That calls for a heart that can melt. Hence, balance is the key.

Show the right strength at the right time!

pada vigrahaH:
मृदुम् अपि अवमन्यन्ते तीक्ष्णात् उद्विजते जनः ।
mṛdum api avamanyante tīkṣṇāt udvijate janaḥ ।

मा तीक्ष्णो मा मृदुः भूः त्वं तीक्ष्णो भव मृदुः भव ॥
mā tīkṣṇo mā mṛduḥ bhūḥ tvaṃ tīkṣṇo bhava mṛduḥ bhava ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
mRudumapyavamanyante tIkShNaadudvijate janaH ।
maa tIkShNo maa mRudurbhUH tvaM tIkShNo bhava mRudurbhava ॥
- mahaabhaarata, shaantiparva

mRudum api avamanyante tIkShNaat udvijate janaH ।
maa tIkShNo maa mRuduH bhUH tvaM tIkShNo bhava mRuduH bhava ॥

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