August 4th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
मांसभक्षैः सुरापानैर्मूर्खैश्चाक्षरवर्जितैः
पशुभिः पुरुषाकारैर्भाराक्रान्ता च मेदिनी
- चाणक्य नीति

maaMsabhakShaiH suraapaanairmUrkhaishchaakSharavarjitaiH
pashubhiH puruShaakaarairbhaaraakraantaa cha medinI
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Meat-eaters, alcohol-consumers, imbecile and uneducated - the earth is weighed down and engulfed with people who are animals in the skins of humans.

People that weigh down the earth are those that entertain fallacies. Those who do not support the sustenance of dharma, are dead weight on earth! They are animals in human skins, says the poet.

Humans were designed to be vegetarian. Hence meat-eaters are considered to be weighing the earth down! Not just figuratively, but literally as well. By killing animals for food, man is not just spoiling his God given trait but also creating an imbalance in the ecosystem as well! Hence, he is being a burden for the well-being of the planet.

Those that consume alcohol would not have much presence of mind nor can perform deeds of essence. Their tendencies are more closer to beasts than human beings.

The imbecile and the uneducated lot can not do much, for the welfare of the planet either. They are equal to animals as well.

Human birth is a rare blessing and should be put to use for benefit of the society at large. If otherwise, his human birth is wasteful and he life is as good as that of an animal, says the poet.

pada vigrahaH:
मांस-भक्षैः सुरापानैः मूर्खैः च अक्षर-वर्जितैः
maaMsa-bhakShaiH suraapaanaiH mUrkhaiH cha akShara-varjitaiH

पशुभिः पुरुष आकारैः भारा आक्रान्ता च मेदिनी
pashubhiH puruSha aakaaraiH bhaaraa aakraantaa cha medinI


  1. change 'भारा आक्रान्ता च मेदिनी' to 'भाराक्रान्ता च मेदिनी'.

  2. Thanks lalitaalaalita. Was probably working on pada vigraha section and pasted it onto the sholka area itself. Thanks for catching it. It is fixed now.

  3. Fine. Good to see one who hears and rectifies.

  4. :) No learning without listening!