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August 3rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
सुश्रान्तोऽपि वहेद्भारं शीतोष्णं न च पश्यति ।
सन्तुष्टश्चरते नित्यं त्रीणि शिक्षेच्च गर्दभात् ॥

- चाणक्य नीति

sushraanto.pi vahedbhaaraM shItoShNaM na cha pashyati ।
santuShTashcharate nityaM trINi shikShechcha gardabhaat ॥
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Carries weight even when tired; doesn't mind heat or cold (weather); wanders in contentment always - learn these 3 (attitudes) from a donkey.

There are lessons to be learnt even from a donkey! A donkey is used to carry weight. It is even called the 'beast of burden'. But it never complains!

Be it a sunny, windy, rainy or a dusty day. It carries on with its chores. It doesn't discriminate or react to its surroundings!

It grazes on dry grass or some leaves, whatever available. Yet, it is content with itself. It is in no rush to win any rat race :). It wanders happily going about his chores.

These 3 traits are worth the praise, in any being. Who doesn't want to be content, level and industrious? When the brighter side is seen, a donkey has insights to give as well! :).

pada vigrahaH:
सु-श्रान्तः अपि वहेत् भारं शीत उष्णं न च पश्यति ।
su-shraantaH api vahet bhaaraM shIta uShNaM na cha pashyati ।

सन्तुष्टः चरते नित्यं त्रीणि शिक्षेत् च गर्दभात् ॥
santuShTaH charate nityaM trINi shikShet cha gardabhaat ॥

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