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August 24th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
भारते संस्कृता भाषा कामधेनुः प्रकीर्तिता ।
जननी विश्वभाषाणां विज्ञानस्योपकारिणी ॥

bhaarate saMskRutaa bhaaShaa kaamadhenuH prakIrtitaa ।
jananI vishvabhaaShaaNaaM vij~naanasyopakaariNI ॥

Meaning of the subhAShita:
In India, Sanskrit language is reputed as 'kaamadhenu' (the celestial cow which bestows all desires). Mother of world languages, it is the benefactor of wisdom.

Sanskrit is renowned as the 'devabhaaShaa' for good reason. In India, it is reputed as 'kaamadhenu', the celestial cow that bestows all desires. It caters to the needs of everyone. The language and its literature can quench the thirst of anyone, in any field of knowledge. It is not just a storehouse for spiritual knowledge, but has literature pertaining to all arenas - from nyaaya shaastra to neeti shaastra, from architecture to science, from medicine to astronomy! The variety and range know no bounds.

It is also deemed as the mother of most world languages. The roots of many a language can be found in Sanskrit. It is the easiest benefactor for wisdom. The literature in the language is such!

Let's celebrate Sanskrit and make an effort to drink at least an ounce from the mighty ocean the language has to offer!

P.S: 'World Sanskrit Day' is celebrated on the full moon day of shraavaNa month according to the Hindu calendar, i.e., today, this year.

pada vigrahaH:
भारते संस्कृता भाषा कामधेनुः प्रकीर्तिता ।
bhaarate saMskRutaa bhaaShaa kaamadhenuH prakIrtitaa ।

जननी विश्व-भाषाणां विज्ञानस्य उपकारिणी ॥
jananI vishva-bhaaShaaNaaM vij~naanasya upakaariNI ॥

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