August 25th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
श्रुत्वा धर्मम्विजानाति श्रुत्वा त्यजति दुर्मतिम्
श्रुत्वा ज्ञानमवाप्नोति श्रुत्वा मोक्षमवाप्नुयात्
- चाणक्य नीति

shrutvaa dharmamvijaanaati shrutvaa tyajati durmatim
shrutvaa j~naanamavaapnoti shrutvaa mokShamavaapnuyaat
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
By taking heed to dharma, one understands; by hearing dharma, one quits his bad disposition; by comprehending dharma, one attains knowledge (awareness); by listening to dharma, one attain salvation too.

The best way to understand life's essence, is by heeding to dharma. Without following the path of virtue, there is no way one can understand the essence of life.

By talking and hearing about dharma, one's thoughts and dispositions get cleansed. His bad intents and basal instincts get crushed to trivial nothings.

When one understands and comprehends dharma in its true sense, one attains the highest knowledge. There is nothing higher or better than that.

By listening to dharma, one can attain anything and everything. He can be happy not just now, but thereafter as well! It is the path of dharma that leads one to salvation as well!

The greatest virtues are those which are most useful to other persons. Be virtuous!

pada vigrahaH:
श्रुत्वा धर्मम् विजानाति श्रुत्वा त्यजति दुर्-मतिम्
shrutvaa dharmam vijaanaati shrutvaa tyajati dur-matim

श्रुत्वा ज्ञानम् अवाप्नोति श्रुत्वा मोक्षम् अवाप्नुयात्
shrutvaa j~naanam avaapnoti shrutvaa mokSham avaapnuyaat

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