August 11th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
प्रभुतं कार्यमल्पं वा यान्नरः कर्तुमिच्छति
सर्वारम्भेण तत्कार्यं सिम्हादेकं प्रचक्षते
- चाणक्य नीति

prabhutaM kaaryamalpaM vaa yaannaraH kartumichChati
sarvaarambheNa tatkaaryaM simhaadekaM prachakShate
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Be the task significant or trivial that one intends to do - he should execute it with total dedication from start (to finish), like a lion.

A lion first approaches stealthily, then crouches silently, watches every move of his prey and then pounces at the right time. This is his style of hunting! He certainly has to execute all of these steps, every single time. He can't lax on any of his hunting techniques just because he is preying on a little rabbit! He still has to be as cautious so as to not alert his meal away from him :). He works just the same, whether he is hunting down an huge elephant or a tiny hare! His attention is totally on the prey and he does it with dedication.

Same should be the dedication, whether the task at hand is a significant one or a trivial one! Whether the task gets recognized by the entire world or not, whether his duty calls him in a forest with only animals to accompany (no paparazzi :), it should be done with the same rigor and dedication!

Dedication is not what others expect of one, but what one expects of himself and offers to others!

pada vigrahaH:
प्रभुतं कार्यम्-अल्पं वा यान् नरः कर्तुम् इच्छति
prabhutaM kaaryam-alpaM vaa yaan naraH kartum ichChati

सर्व अरम्भेण तत् कार्यं सिम्हात् एकं प्रचक्षते
sarva arambheNa tat kaaryaM simhaat ekaM prachakShate

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