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August 29th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
न पश्यति च जन्मान्धः कामान्धो नैव पश्यति ।
न पश्यति मदोन्मत्तः स्वार्थी दोषान्न पश्यति ॥

- चाणक्य नीति

na paśyati ca janmāndhaḥ kāmāndho naiva paśyati ।
na paśyati madonmattaḥ svārthī doṣānna paśyati ॥
- cāṇakyanīti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
A person born blind can not see; one blinded by desire does not see; he who is intoxicated with pride will not see; nor is the selfish (able to) see - blemishes.

Blindness is of many orders. There are 4 types of blindnesses.

One who is born with a physical deficiency, where his eyes do not function the way they should, who is blind, can obviously not see anything, let alone blemishes. If that is one type of actual blindness, there are other figurative blindnesses. The only thing worse than blindness is, having sight but no vision :(.

One who has excessive desires, can not see beyond his desires. He will stop at nothing to achieve his heart's wants and needs. All he can think of is how to acquire the objects of his interest. How can he see any blemishes?

One who is intoxicated with pride can see nothing but himself! He sees no one or anything else beyond himself. For him, he is the best that there is! With such an attitude, how can he see any blemishes?

A selfish being is even worse. He can see nothing beyond himself and his needs. He is tirelessly working towards his own best interest. How can such a person see blemishes? Whether in himself or in his deeds!

The huge difference is in, 'cannot' see and 'does not' see! If it is actual blindness that can not be fixed, they have an excuse. But the rest, are just an excuse (of a being)!

There is no respite from self-inflicted fallacies!

pada vigrahaH:
न पश्यति च जन्म-अन्धः काम-अन्धो न एव पश्यति ।
na paśyati ca janma-andhaḥ kāma-andho na eva paśyati ।

न पश्यति मद-उन्मत्तः स्वार्थी दोषान् न पश्यति ॥
na paśyati mada-unmattaḥ svārthī doṣān na paśyati ॥

Alternate Transliteration:
na pashyati cha janmaandhaH kaamaandho naiva pashyati ।
na pashyati madonmattaH svaarthI doShaanna pashyati ॥
- chaaNakya nIti

na pashyati cha janma-andhaH kaama-andho na eva pashyati ।
na pashyati mada-unmattaH svaarthI doShaan na pashyati ॥

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