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August 13th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
काव्यशास्त्रविनोदेन कालो गच्छति धीमताम् ।
व्यसनेन तु मूर्खाणां निद्रया कलहेन वा ॥

- हितोपदेश

kaavyashaastravinodena kaalo gachChati dhImataam ।
vyasanena tu mUrkhaaNaaM nidrayaa kalahena vaa ॥
- hitopadesha

Meaning of the subhAShita:
The intelligent spend their time, studying literature and scriptures for amusement, whereas, the imbecile (spend time) by (indulging in) bad habits, sleeping or quarreling.

'Favorite pastimes' vary for each individual, based on their calibre. One's choice of activities is based on his interests.

The poet says, he who is aware of the real purpose of life, chooses to study literature and scriptures for his entertainment. He keeps himself occupied in productive activities rather than unwanted distractions. Whereas, an imbecile entertains himself by being involved in petty quarrels, oversleeping lazily or in bad habits. He is constantly distraught, displeased and dissatisfied with his circumstances.  He easily passes the buck of blame onto someone else and gets into a dispute just to satiate his ego.  There is no higher goal when one wants to boost his own futile efforts when he is clearly in the wrong.

One's choices give away his temperaments! Choose thy hobbies carefully and may the pursuance behind them be justified.

pada vigrahaH:
काव्य-शास्त्र-विनोदेन कालः गच्छति धीमताम् ।
kaavya-shaastra-vinodena kaalaH gachChati dhImataam ।

व्यसनेन तु मूर्खाणां निद्रया कलहेन वा ॥
vyasanena tu mUrkhaaNaaM nidrayaa kalahena vaa ॥

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