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August 28th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
बुद्धिर्यस्य बलं तस्य निर्बुद्धेस्तु कुतो बलम्
वने सिंहो मदोन्मत्तः शशकेन निपातितः

- चाणक्य नीति

buddhiryasya balaM tasya nirbuddhestu kuto balam
vane siMho madonmattaH shashakena nipaatitaH
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
He who has wisdom has the strength. Where is the strength for the imbecile? The intoxicated lion in the forest got thrown down by the rabbit. (In the panchatantra story of the Lion and the rabbit.)

One doesn't always have to be physically strong to win over his opponent. Many a times, a little extra wisdom has gone a long way! If one is wise enough and can think on his toes, he can bring himself out of the toughest situations. Like in the panchatantra story, a little hare fells a huge lion. He tells the lion that there is another lion dwelling inside the well. The dumb lion, not seeing that it is his own image, pounces into the well, to bring about his own end!

To him who is not wise, even his physical power proves useless. He needs the wisdom to know and decide how to channelize his energies effectively, else, all his efforts will prove futile.

It is not always muscle power that comes out victorious. Be wise!

pada vigrahaH:
बुद्धिः यस्य बलं तस्य निर्-बुद्धेः तु कुतः बलम्
buddhiH yasya balaM tasya nir-buddheH tu kutaH balam

वने सिंहः मद उन्मत्तः शशकेन निपातितः
vane siMhaH mada unmattaH shashakena nipaatitaH

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