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August 23rd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
दृष्टिपूतं न्यसेत्पादं वस्त्रपूतं पिबेज्जलम् ।
शास्त्रपूतं वदेद्वाक्यं मनः पूतं समाचरेत् ॥

- चाणक्य नीति

dRuShTipUtaM nyasetpaadaM vastrapUtaM pibejjalam ।
shaastrapUtaM vadedvaakyaM manaH pUtaM samaacharet ॥
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Clear the path through sight; filter drinking water through a cloth; purify speech through knowledge of scriptures; cleanse actions through thought.

While setting his foot, one visually makes sure his path is clear. He does this so that he doesn't falter. There might be a stone he could trip on or a pit he could fall in! If he has visually cleared the path he is treading on, he can reach his destination faster and safer.

Drinking water needs to be filtered. A cloth was used to strain it, in the olden days. Rainwater is not drinkable directly unless it is from the springs directly. It needs to be purified of all sediments before consumption.

One's words should be wise and compassionate. This can happen when it is purified through the study of scriptures and the knowledge gained by them. One who is whetted by the knowledge of the scriptures speaks pleasantly and appropriately.

Look before you leap, think before you act! Mind would never allow one to perform wrongful deeds. If one thinks his actions through his mind and applies his heart, he would not put a wrong step.

Think thy actions through and do not hesitate to execute anything that is purified through thy thoughts.

pada vigrahaH:
दृष्टि-पूतं न्यसेत्  पादं वस्त्र-पूतं पिबेत् जलम् । 
dRuShTi-pUtaM nyaset paadaM vastra-pUtaM pibet jalam ।

शास्त्र-पूतं वदेत् वाक्यं मनः पूतं समाचरेत् ॥
shaastra-pUtaM vadet vaakyaM manaH pUtaM samaacharet ॥


  1. Thank you for posting such an excellent sloka. Wick a wise thinking.

  2. *That was what a wise thinking .