August 30th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
अन्तःसारविहीनानामुपदेशो न जायते
मलयाचल सम्सर्गान्न वेणुश्चन्दनायते
- चाणक्य नीति

antaHsaaravihInaanaamupadesho na jaayate
malayaachala samsargaanna veNushchandanaayate
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
No point advising those devoid of inner essence. A bamboo does not become sandal wood in company of the malaya mountain!

Many a times, company isn't everything. If there is no inner essence, the company they keep won't put a dent in their persona. The example the poet uses is, just because a shoot of bamboo grows on the malaya mountain (which bears an abundant population of sandal trees), it doesn't qualify it to acquire the qualities of sandal wood! If seen on a more trivial level, just because a child keeps company of a research scholar, he will not be able to understand a word if he starts lecturing the child. The child lacks a certain maturity to grasp the concepts the scholar is talking about. No matter how hard he tries, his efforts shall go futile. Similarly, there is no point advising those devoid of inner essence. Growing physically is certainly different from growing spiritually and emotionally. If that prior readiness to receive the knowledge given by others is missing, then the effort in teaching such a person is futile.

Conserve thy resources. Know when to spend, on what to spend and how to spend thy energy.

pada vigrahaH:
अन्तः-सार-विहीनानाम् उपदेशः न जायते
antaH-saara-vihInaanaam upadeshaH na jaayate

मलयाचल सम्सर्गात् न वेणुः चन्दनायते
malayaachala samsargaat na veNuH chandanaayate

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