August 2nd

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
शान्ति तुल्यं तपो नास्ति न सन्तोषात्परं सुखम्
न तृष्णायाः परो व्याधिर्न च धर्मो दयापरः
- चाणक्य नीति

shaanti tulyaM tapo naasti na santoShaatparaM sukham
na tRuShNaayaaH paro vyaadhirna cha dharmo dayaaparaH
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
There is no penance equal to peace; there is no pleasure beyond satisfaction; no disease is worse than greed; there is no virtue better than compassion.

One doesn't have to do eons of penance, if his actions bring about peace. If his thoughts are driven towards keeping the peace in every aspect of life around him, that is the biggest penance!

Big houses, fancy jewelry, multiple vehicles are not means for pleasure. If one is satisfied with what he has, there is no pleasure beyond that.

Infliction of a disease is no fun for anyone. The biggest and worst of all diseases is greed! The unquenchable thirst and the want to possess more constantly, is the hardest of all illnesses to cure.

Compassion is one virtue that gives one the vision of ekatva (oneness) among all beings. If one has this attribute, that is the best form of dharma (virtue). If one can have compassion for other beings at all times without any reservations, he is following the path of dharma always!

Compassion is the best form of dharma!

pada vigrahaH:
शान्ति तुल्यं तपः न अस्ति न सन्तोषात् परं सुखम्
shaanti tulyaM tapaH na asti na santoShaat paraM sukham

न तृष्णायाः परः व्याधिः न च धर्मः दयापरः
na tRuShNaayaaH paraH vyaadhiH na cha dharmaH dayaaparaH

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