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June 9th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
धर्मः शृतो वा दृष्टो वा स्मृतो वा कथितोऽपि वा
संवादितो वा राजेन्द्र पुनाति पुरुषं सदा

- सुभाषितसुधानिधि

dharmaH shRuto vaa dRuShTo vaa smRuto vaa kathito.pi vaa
saMvaadito vaa raajendra punaati puruShaM sadaa
- subhaaShitasudhaanidhi

Meaning of the subhAShita:
Oh king, 'dharma' if heard, or seen, or thought of, or spoken of, or approved of - purifies the being always.

Any action should be justified as per dharma (virtue). There are many facets to any act or deed - hearing, seeing, thinking, speaking or even standing by as an approver.

Even if one hears, sees, thinks, speaks or approves of a virtuous deed, it cleanses him! Because dharma is an attribute that should be in every single thought and action. There is no end to it. One can not say that I did dharma today, tomorrow I can take rest. It is a constant process and that is what is holding up the entire universe. Because the planets are following their dharma, because the 5 elements are following their dharma, because the sun, moon and stars are following their dharma, the universe is the way it is today. Suddenly one day, fire can't decide to be cold and water can't decide to burn!

Similarly, as beings, we have our own dharma. That needs to be upheld through every breath, eternally. Hence, if one partakes even in a small aspect of an act of dharma, it aids in purging his mind, clarifying his thought and purifying his actions. It reinforces to the being, the importance of following dharma and leads him on the right path towards his purpose of life!

The reward of virtue.., is virtue alone! Sin is committable in thought, word or deed. So is virtue! The choice is ours.

pada vigrahaH:
धर्मः शृतः वा दृष्टः वा स्मृतः वा कथितः अपि वा
dharmaH shRutaH vaa dRuShTaH vaa smRutaH vaa kathitaH api vaa

संवादितः वा राजेन्द्र पुनाति पुरुषं सदा
samvaaditaH vaa raajendra punaati puruShaM sadaa

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