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June 20th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
उपसर्गे अन्यचक्रे च दुर्भिक्षे च भयावहे ।
असाधुर्जनसंपर्के यः पलायति स जीवति ॥

- चाणक्य नीति

upasarge anyachakre cha durbhikShe cha bhayaavahe ।
asaadhurjanasaMparke yaH palaayati sa jIvati ॥
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
In times of retreat, when in others' territory, in famine, in fear and in association with evil doers - he who runs, survives.

1. When the whole army is retreating, is it sane for a lone soldier to charge forward!

2. It is not a safe haven when one steps out of his boundaries and lands in others' property.

3. In times of a famine, if one can not fend himself and his family, what is the point in guarding the place?

4. When the opponent is much stronger and instils fear in the person, what is the point in marching on! When there is a lion in front, what if one says, 'I won't run away, because only cowards run'!?!

5. Company of the evil - this one's the worst of all. It does no good in any which way. Knowing that, if one hangs around just so they don't call him a coward, doesn't make any sense.

In all these circumstances, if one steps back or runs away (keeps away), it is not called cowardice. It is called common sense :). Sometimes, taking that retreat is more appropriate than charging ahead.

Running away is not always cowardice, it is survival sometimes! So, survive!! :)

pada vigrahaH:
उपसर्गे अन्य-चक्रे च दुर्भिक्षे च भयावहे ।
upasarge anya-chakre cha durbhikShe cha bhayaavahe ।

असाधुः जन-संपर्के यः पलायति सः जीवति ॥
asaadhuH jana-saMparke yaH palaayati saH jIvati ॥

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