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June 18th

Sanskrit Pearl of the day:
यो ध्रुवाणि परित्यज्य अध्रुवं परिसेवते
ध्रुवाणि तस्य नश्यन्ति अध्रुवं नष्टमेव च
- चाणक्य नीति

yo dhruvaaNi parityajya adhruvaM parisevate
dhruvaaNi tasya nashyanti adhruvaM naShTameva cha
- chaaNakya nIti

Meaning of the subhAShita:
He who gives up the 'certain' and resorts to the 'temporary' (attributes), his stable (attributes) shall perish, his impermanent ones are certainly lost.

It is like catching a mirage or a shadow! One works really hard, puts his best efforts and with all his heart, tries to capture the shadow. He is losing out on precious time for sure, he is not achieving his desire of capturing the shadow either. In the meantime, time passes, the sunsets. The shadow is lost for certain, in the meantime, the true object of desire is lost too, because he would have run out of time to put forth his efforts. In the end, he neither has the shadow nor the object :(.

Many such instances happen in day to day lives. In trying to win a small quarrel, one ends up losing the big battle! Many a time, there is no war at all. One would only be tending the hurts of his own ego and stirring up unrest unnecessarily.

Looking at the bigger picture, if one chases after the tentative material pleasures and gets entangled in the maayaa, the focus is lost and the life's purpose forgotten! Like the saying, 'Life is a mirage; It comes from no visible rain; It falls into no recognizable sea'. Winning over the mirage of maayaa is not an easy task!! One would have taken numerous births before getting anywhere close to winning. That makes it more of a reason to try harder with every given day, to keep the focus on the goal.

In the quest of the shadow, do not lose the object!

pada vigrahaH:
यो धुर्वाणि परित्यज्य अध्रुवं परिसेवते
yo dhurvaaNi parityajya adhruvaM parisevate

ध्रुवाणि तस्य नश्यन्ति अध्रुवं नष्टम् एव च
dhruvaaNi tasya nashyanti adhruvaM naShTam eva cha

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